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walimex pro 100/2,8 Macro DSLR

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Macro lens with excellent lens speed of 1:2,8, excellent imaging quality due to the use of aspherical glass lenses, near focussing limit at 0.30 m, including a detachable lens hood
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Optimal picture angle – perfect close-ups
The walimex pro 100 mm Macro lens is a classical focal length for portraits and, at the same time, is delivers excellent close-ups.
Used on a APS-C camera, a picture angle of 15.4° is effective, which corresponds with the imaging impression of a 150 mm lens. The highly practice oriented lens speed of 2.8 does not change. It not only provides you with a extremely light view finder, but also with the possibility of cropping due to the shortest focal depth. The lens is very well corrected and convinces with a extremely high and distortionless imaging quality. All lens surfaces are obviously multi-coated, to enhance the contrast of the images and to avoid possible reflections.. All this is rounded off by precision mechanics, distinctly locking aperture values in a high-quality metal socket. Manual focussing is comfortable and easy.

Inner focussing
The lens has been designed with inner focussing. Lens groups are moved inside, the length of the lens does not change, the front socket does not turn when focussing. Graded density and polarizing filters can thus be easily attached (size 67mm).

Optical design
15 lens elements in 12 groups give evidence of the enormous efforts to achieve very powerful and excellent optics. Despite the mean picture angle hardly any imaging faults can be recognized, even with full aperture.

  • suitable for all full-format and APS-C cameras
  • excellent lens speed of 1:2.8
  • utilizing the full aperture with very low focal depth, this results in a very fine bokeh, cropping of the motif with a plastic but still harmonic effect
  • excellent imaging quality due to the use of high-quality aspherical glass lenses
  • diaphragm
  • inner focussing
  • robust and extravagant metal socket
  • manual focussing, particularly suitable for pin-point focussing in the close-up range
  • including a detachable lens hood
  • near focussing limit at 0.30 m
  • 1 x walimex pro 100/2.8 incl. storage bag, lens hood, lens cap